Charicature of Sherwin

Sherwin Garcia-Obregon

Software Developer

Miami, FL

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site hopefully it helps you learn a little bit about me and what I do.

I implement, develop, and design all types of software in South Florida. Over the years I have been labeled as a, Full Stack Developer, Application Engineer, Web Developer, Software Engineer, and a React Native Developer but I generally just label myself as a Software Developer. Currently working for an multi-national company where I spend most of my time building a custom framework that empowers media companies and creators to get their content to as many screens as possible. Working on this product has been a rewarding experience and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn new things every day with such a great team. The software I have been writing over the years has familiarized me with the development processes of several platforms and their lengthy app store submissions. The software that I have built has been used by thousands if not hundreds of thousands users all over the world. It's been an interesting ride, glad that you are here to read a bit about it.

At the moment I am not looking for any work but if you have any roles that you would like to send my way, please do, I usually forward listings to any colleagues that may be looking for new opportunities. I do a bit of engineering consulting work in my free time but these days I spend the bulk of the time working on personal projects. Some projects might have nothing to do with development; like a car restoration project, bike restoration project, or recreational projects like floating in the Biscayne Bay, and taking advantage of my newly acquired national park pass.

I do a bit of developing in my free time, and enjoy going to development related community events and hackathons. That's one of the reasons why I started a small organization called Open Source Miami. Open Source Miami gathers a community of people passionate about collaborating on open source projects and puts them all under one roof. Software maintainers need help, and the org aims to contribute in whatever way we can. At the moment we don't have any events scheduled but free to invite me to any upcoming events!